A Brief Update

Hey all!

Its been a bit since I posted. I have been furiously working away at studying for my final two licensing exams so that I can become an official real-deal architect. Huzzah! This, of course, has caused the blog to languish as of late. I had been working on an in-depth post on our plans for the kitchen and our work so far toward those plans. I will try to get that post finished soon. The real reason for putting a post up today, however, is that I am very excited. Over two years ago the only daughter of MPLMP’s second owners the Stadtmuellers (1941-1982) contacted me through this blog, we exchanged a few emails, but then communication sort of dropped off. Two weeks ago I tried a phone number in Georgia, and guess who picked up???

We scheduled to talk this weekend, and today is the day. I cannot wait to share all that I learn from her about her parents and her life here and the house over those years.

Here’s a picture of Fred Stadtmueller on his 45th birthday.


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